Raw Feeding Puppies and Senior Dogs

Feeding puppies

At Paleo Ridge, we have purposely decided not make or market a "puppy food". ALL of our products (within reason according to size and breed) are perfectly OK for weaned pups.

We believe puppies should be fed a good variety of proteins as soon as they are able (6-8 weeks) especially large breed dogs. Puppy Weaning Paste is usually offered between weeks 3 and 4, after pups are fully weaned a variety should be introduced.

Some suppliers sell a specific puppy food and recommend feeding only that for 6-9 months. Once weaned, all pups should start to experience the wonders of raw variety, just like in the wild.

Pups are the perfect candidates for trying new things! They love to explore their surroundings ie new sights, sounds and textures. They are just as curious about raw food.

From 6-8 weeks most pups are more than capable of chewing a chicken wing or neck. They may not eat much but they love to have a go!

Feeding seniors

Seniors may benefit from our exclusive Joint Aid Mince. With seniors in mind, our speciliast mince recipe is high in natural glucosamine and chondroitin, which can be fed along side a balanced raw diet.

We all get a little stiffer or more achy as we age. Working dogs with joint issues such as arthritis, dysplasia, age related stiffness, etc. often benefit from supplements that are high in glucosamine and chondroitin.

Our specially designed Joint Aid Mince can be fed along side daily meals as an additional boost of natural joint lubricating goodness. Paleo Ridge Joint Aid Mince is available as a mince for ease of use. It has been developed due to customer requests from those who do not wish to feed or handle whole poultry feet or tracheas.

Healthy seniors without health problems should continue to eat as much variety as possible. Those experiencing age related age issues should seek the advice of their vet or contact a holistic vet for natural solutions.

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