Treats in store at Paleo Ridge

19th March 2020

By Karen Pickwick

Paleo Ridge has revealed its plans for the year ahead, including two new appointments.

Helen Ellwood has joined as head of sales & marketing and Will Green as ecommerce marketing manager.

Managing director Tyler Daly said: “From the very beginning, our focus has been around building a trusted brand of superior quality products before focusing on sales and marketing with the same tenacious attitude.

“We know we have an industry-leading product, that already has more accreditations and awards than any business in our sector. As a business, we chose to focus on building a trusted brand with products that delight our customers and their dogs, who see the incredible health benefits of feeding a high-quality product to their beloved animals.
“We’re now reaping the benefits of our long-term approach.”


The company plans to redesign its logo in the coming weeks, before rebranding its 80-10-10 range of balanced meals by this summer. It also has plans to launch a new range of treats.

“This year will see us moving to the next stage of our long-term plan,” said Tyler.

“In true Paleo Ridge fashion, customers can expect to see us reach new heights in our ability to innovate and create truly unique products that we hope our customers and their owners will enjoy.”

In addition to the treats range, Paleo Ridge has ‘big plans’ to increase both its online and in-store presence, with partnerships with a number of leading retailers and online stores.

“Twenty-twenty is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Paleo Ridge. We have a number of fantastic new developments that I’m excited to showcase in the coming months…watch this space!”