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Sharon Daly

Founder & Chairman

Sharon Daly founded Paleo Ridge Raw in 2014. With the help of Aaron Daly, her eldest son they began producing Paleo Ridge’s first product line. Sharon came from a background of setting up and launching a well-known raw brand into a major retailer. With this she took her experience and knowledge combined with her canine nutrition background and created Paleo Ridge, with the intention of offering a high quality, ethically and sustainably sourced Raw Dog Food.

What do you love about working for Paleo Ridge?

Paleo Ridge from conception has always been my passion. It is so much more than a job. In life only a few are blessed to find a true vocation. Paleo Ridge is that for me. I am privileged to have my family fully involved and committed to our brand. It is an absolute pleasure to come to work every day and see not only my family but our whole team all pulling together for the same cause. To provide quality raw dog food to our customers. I enjoy every aspect, from picking up the phone to our customers, helping them take that first step into raw, to helping shape the future path of our company and industry. To say I am proud is an understatement, to see my family develop and evolve in such a fast-changing environment is amazing. Myself and my family work tirelessly to implement standards that set us apart from the rest. Thanks to their incredibly hard work, Paleo Ridge continues to widen that gap. Dreams really can come true!

Favourite Dog breed

  • Rhodesian Ridgebacks & Chocolate Labs

Aaron Daly of Paleo Ridge

Aaron Daly

Operations Manager

Aaron began with the company back in 2014 in its first days. He has a wealth of production experience and knowledge that enables Paleo Ridge to remain competitive in the industry. Aaron has a hard-earned reputation for upholding and bettering industry standards and drives Paleo Ridge’s product quality ethos day after day. He remains at the helm of the Business and continues to drive forward operational excellence, keeping Paleo Ridge at the top. Breaking records and pushing the limit is something Aaron does with ease. His drive of nothing ever being impossible is something his team continue to adopt and embody.

What do you love about working for Paleo Ridge?

What I love about working at Paleo Ridge is the ability to be able to learn and evolve as an individual and a production manager. My love for dogs transfers over into the quality aspect of our product and this means that nothing but the highest standard of meats are used here. I know and believe that this ensures that we stand above others in terms of finished product. I also love that I am able to develop new ideas and projects that will continue to build our brand into one that is trusted throughout the industry. I look forward to the future here and will continue to maintain our high standards, so our customers and their furry friends are left with a smile on their faces!

Favourite Dog breed

  • Rhodesian Ridgebacks & Chocolate Labs

Ria new pic

Ria Daly

Despatch & Technical Manager

Ria joined the company shortly after it moved into its first premises. She has, over a relatively short space of time become a key member of Paleo Ridge’s Senior Management team. Ria drives positive change through the company on a daily basis, challenging the status quo and developing new ideas, accepting nothing but perfection in everything she and her team does. Ria pushes every day to ensure that every customer receives their orders on time and in full. When it comes to company culture, there may be no better advocate than Ria.

What do you love about working for Paleo Ridge?

I love working for Paleo ridge because not only do I get to work with my family, I also get to see our dogs every day! The relentless hard work and commitment my family put into the business inspires me every day to improve myself and always strive to be better. We have all come a long way on such an incredible journey, but we are only just getting started. The company is so unique and offers so much more than dog food, the big plans ahead that we have are ground breaking and I can’t wait to be part of it. Being part of a company with such great ethical, moral views, plus the highest standards, with the top of the range products, is a bonus too. My Manager, Brother and Mentor, Tyler, is the main reason I am where I am today, although the rest of my family all contribute to my personal success too. I really wouldn’t be in this position without them. The positive vibe at our company is great and my team are just outstanding, as are the production team. It’s great to have two teams of people who constantly focus on our excellent standard’s and striving forwards. The close bond everyone has with each other really brings the family culture together.

Favourite Dog breed

  • French Bulldog


Chris Jones

Head of Supply Chain

Chris Jones joined the company in mid-2018. He brought with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fresh produce industry. Chris comes from a fast-paced Supply Chain background and has spent years developing the skills required to head up the supply side of a new and rapidly expanding industry. He is the spearhead of Paleo Ridge’s sourcing strategy, carrying out due diligence personally and pushing sustainable, ethical sourcing to the top talking point of any supplier conversation. Chris drives industry leading change through Paleo Ridge’s Supply chain every week. Working closely with suppliers, Chris ensures each and every product in the Paleo Ridge range is of the highest quality and is sourced in line with our strict guidelines and company ethos.

What do you love about working for Paleo Ridge?

Upon joining Paleo Ridge the core value of the business became immediately evident. Quality. Quality in the product, quality in the service and quality in the way Paleo Ridge do business. The passion the business has for producing a fantastic product for dogs across the country and Europe is magnificent and is aligned closely to my own core values. Sharon, Tyler, Aaron, Ria and the team are driven relentlessly by an overwhelming passion to not only provide a quality product and healthy diet for dogs but to direct and shape the industry for the better. The key to Paleo Ridge’ success in delivering quality on a daily basis is the “family value” atmosphere that runs through the heart of the business. It is a pleasure to be a part of the Paleo Ridge family and embark on the journey to drive change in the industry.

Every day at Paleo Ridge we are breaking new ground and the growth of the business is testament to the passion and quality embedded in to the products we create.

Favourite Dog breed

  • For me it is a between Siberian husky or Golden retriever. Though my favourite dogs in the world right now are my family pets, Mr Scruff and Charlie (Both Lhasa Apso, brothers)

Tyler Daly of Paleo Ridge Raw

Tyler Daly

Managing Director

Tyler Joined the company as Managing Director mid-2017. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both management and planning. Tyler has ripped up the rule book on scaling a business to meet rapid growth, he continues to break new ground every day. Tyler is responsible for positively and effectively implementing standards never before seen in raw dog food manufacturing. He is a true visionary and has revolutionised every aspect of Paleo Ridge. He has earnt the respect of his whole team and of everyone he deals with for being relentless in his pursuit of excellence. Tyler’s leadership and attention to detail is rapidly setting Paleo Ridge apart from the rest. With focus and commitment that is unrivalled he is safely steering Paleo Ridge to the top.

What do you love about working for Paleo Ridge?

Paleo Ridge is a fantastic place to work. We strive every day to send everyone home feeling fulfilled and happy. The effort we as a company put into ensuring our products are the best available, spreads through so much more than the finished product. Paleo Ridge has a culture that actually cares and understands what our customers want and need. This helps ensure we’re never straying away from our true goal, and helps everyone, at every level of the business truly capture and understand what it is that we’re trying to achieve. It’s a privilege to lead such a focused and determined group of people on our journey.


Favourite Dog breed

  • Rhodesian Ridgeback


Beau, Frankie, Ted

Chief Taste testers

Favourite Food

  • Beau: Kangaroo chunks
  • Frankie: Tripe
  • Ted: Rabbits
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