Hygiene Instructions

At Paleo Ridge, we care about the safety and health of our customers, from Humans to Dogs, we do everything we can to ensure the safe feeding of raw food.

It may seem obvious, but raw food must be treated just as any other raw meat; with great care. We have now moved hygiene instructions to our product labels to ensure anyone who feeds Paleo Ridge, can do so safely. Below are some great hygiene tips you can use to ensure you're being as safe and hygiene conscious as possible.

How to Safely Handle Raw Food

  • Always use separate utensils for raw dog food
  • Keep raw food in a sealed container at bottom of fridge
  • Open and dispose of packaging carefully
  • Wear food safe gloves when handling raw dog food
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after handling
  • Clean all work surfaces and utensils after use
  • Store in a freezer at -18 degrees
  • Once defrosted, use within 3 days

If you have any questions about the safe feeding and hygiene controls necessary for raw feeding, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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