Become a smart breeder: feed Paleo Ridge

Breeding is a very emotive subject.

At Paleo Ridge we have thought long and hard about offering a breeders discount to those who breed ethically/responsibly qualify. We do not accept Kennel Club members alone. We hope we have found a solution:

You qualify for a Breeder's Discount if you are:

    • An assured Kennel club breeder and/or member of a UK breed-specific club, once health tests certificates have been forwarded.
    • Actively carrying out breed specific health tests on dogs/bitches prior to breeding.
    • If you are Breeding and rearing totally naturally (titre tests, nosodes, raw feeding etc)

Please forward us your name as it appears on the Kennel club Assured breeders list. You must searchable on the Kennel Club website and/or the UK breed-specific club to qualify.

Proof of health testing (test certificates)sent to

If you are breeding and rearing totally naturally please email us in the first instance.

For anyone breeding dogs and thinking about weaning and feeding raw, you are doing the best thing anyone can do for your young pups. Paleo Ridge has developed a weaning paste for puppies first solid meal, along with a vast range of completes and complementary feeds to assist and support all life stages. A raw weaned pup is surely the best start in life and we would like to support that.

    Please contact us for further information on how to join our breeders discount scheme.

    We accept payment types
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